Knights of the Rose

Knights of the Rose is now in beta on Facebook and

Knights of the Rose is an epic tactical RPG that brings one of the deepest gaming experiences to facebook. Knights of the Rose combines traditional RPG mechanics like character leveling, recruitment of heroes, equipment crafting, and achievements with tactical combat, player vs. player combat, and guild interactions for an engrossing RPG experience that hard core gamers love. With beautiful art and a light-hearted fantasy story, the game will appeal to and draw in gamers that are new to the RPG category.

Knights of the Rose combines the elements of RPG’s with social interaction including:

  • PvP Multiplayer
  • Guild warfare
  • Crafting
  • Leveling
  • Heroes
  • Quests
  • Equipment upgrades

Knights of the Rose is developed by Perfect World Entertainment and distributed by Row Sham Bow in partnership with Danke Games.

Row Sham Bow, Inc. operates Knights of the Rose on behalf of third-party Danke Games, Inc.   Your use of the Knights of the Rose Facebook Application is subject to Danke Game’s Privacy Policy and Terms, not those of Row Sham Bow’s.