Letter by Letter is available now! CLICK HERE TO PLAY IT FREE!

Letter by Letter is a brand new word game from Row Sham Bow with an exciting new twist! Letter by Letter is easy to pick up and play and offers unparalleled depth that will keep surprising you in every game.

★ Simple and fresh gameplay that will surprise and inspire you.

★ Spell words to take control of the most spaces on the board

★ Add a letter and steal words from your opponent to boost your score (and reduce theirs!)

★ Stuck? Explode your old letters with a bomb and open a whole new set of options

★ Convenient turn-based gameplay lets you play when you want to and where you want to.

★ Play with friends or make new ones on Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch!

★ Connect and create games with your friends on Facebook for even more fun


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