We’ve Been Busy!

If you’ve been to this site in the past few months you’re probably curious what we’re up to. In short, a lot!

First, we set out to build a world class team. It’s been a great couple of months and we’re very pleased with talent we’ve been able to assemble for our venture.

Next, we’ve been busy building our first game! Our first title is called Woodland Heroes and will be coming to Facebook in the next few weeks. Here’s a first look at some of our character art:

Woodland Heroes Character Art - The Bear King

We’re in our testing phase right now and will have more artwork and possibly some screenshots in the coming days. We’ll also be adding a signup form shortly so check back soon if you’d like to be among the first to play our new game!

There will be lots of news and updates coming in the next couple of weeks so check back, follow us on Twitter, and like us on Facebook to stay updated!