New Features & Improvements for Woodland Heroes!

It has been an extremely exciting and hectic time here at Row Sham Bow, Inc., where we’ve been working tirelessly to bring our game from concept to release over the past few months. We want to thank everyone that has given the game a test run in our closed Beta period so far, especially to those who have been leaving feedback in our community forum. We couldn’t be more proud or excited to launch our first game, and we really appreciate your support and help to make Woodland Heroes the best it can be!

The purpose of this blog is to let you know we just released an update with a host of changes, fixes, improvements, and the like based on feedback we’ve received. We wanted to share all these fixes with you with the hope that you will jump into the game and let us know more feedback!

Below is the list of changes you should expect to see:

World Map Movement

The top complaint both internally and within the forums was around moving units in the map and the excessive energy costs associated with it. The latest version of movement we feel is much more intuitive, allowing you to move multiple spaces at a time (auto-scrolling the map in the process) and costing only one energy for large moves. Though we feel this improves movement substantially, it is something we are continuing to iterate on and would love to hear more feedback from you about.


Clarity Around Resources

We felt the game didn’t do a great job explaining resources in the game (XP, sticks, stones, straw, coins, collection, etc) and how they worked. We’ve added a few additional pieces to the tutorial that should hopefully make this better. Again, we’d love to hear your feedback on this. Unfortunately the only way to view the tutorial again is for us to reset your progress to the beginning…so post that in the forums if you are interested in doing so and we’ll be happy to oblige.


Stablity & Optimization
A large chunk of our development time has been around optimization and stability. Everyone should hopefully see much better framerate, load times, better responsiveness, and hopefully zero crashes across the entire game. If you run across hitches or crashes or load time problems, we’d love to hear about it in the forums.


Other Updates / Fixes
Outside of these major improvements, here is a list of many of the other fixes we’ve made across the game in the last week

  •  No more popups while shots are being fired
  • Lessened likelihood of “recommend to friends” popup
  • Tuned / increased the amount of “dooobers” (that is, icons that bounce out) when you destroy a ship or collect from a location
  • Added more unique quest icons
  • Made it so the “New Quest” hint didn’t show up during battles
  • Enemy shots also trigger sound effects
  • Altered sound effects for explosions, misses, and collecting doobers
  • Fixed Wall-Post Sharing bug around image permissions. Share all you want now!
  • Added a “Collect” icon & state into the world map so you know when to collect from your regions
  • “Little Ben” now has a few different emotional states
  • Changed “You Won” to “You Win”. Best fix ever.
  • Many more small usability & optimization fixes


What’s Next?
So that’s what’s going in now…what’s next for Woodland Heroes? Well, we hope to go into an “Open Beta” period quite soon, but we’re trying to finish up some key features first. These include things like full-screen support, a mechanic around visiting friends, gifting with friends, and many more usability improvements. Of course if you have ideas we’d love to hear them…post them in the forum.


We all wanted to thank you again for your help in this exciting time of our first release!

- Ian Cummings & the Row Sham Bow Development Team