The Letter By Letter logo…

with Chris Gardner, Senior Illustrator

We just released Letter By Letter (Grab it here! ). This is Row Sham Bow’s first mobile game, and since I’m the new guy around this place, I’m pretty excited about it. I wanted to give a little peek behind the scenes of what went into creating the logo. But first, be sure to download the game (free!) and play, we worked really hard on it. Rate us 5 stars if you’d be so kind, we totally promise to love you forever and ever.

So, after 13 awesome years at House Industries, I nabbed this great art gig here in Orlando with Row Sham Bow. Once I packed up all the super important useless things that I don’t need, I dropped my 76ers snow pants off at the Goodwill and drove the family to Florida. First order of business was Letter By Letter, a strategic word battle game that was in progress at the studio. Tons of engineering and art were already in place, but the game didn’t have a logo. After screaming, “Let me do it!”, I ran off with my graph paper and pencils and started scribbling.

I always sketch a lot. And then I sketch some more. One of the worst mistakes you can make with art is to marry yourself to an idea right out of the gates. I’ll throw tons of stuff down on paper to get things rolling.

After digging through the endless rubble, I pulled a few from the pile that had some flavor.

After spending some time tweaking various sketches, I decided on one that had the right vibe. And the one that also fit the feel of the game, which is important. No matter how badly I wanted to make the damn thing look like the Judas Priest logo, the adults in the room would have none of it. So I sketched a little tighter, shaking out some of the bugs. Now it’s time to jump into Adobe Illustrator and digitize this thing.

Finessing the letterforms. Killing the stiff uni-weight quality the sketch had in favor of flaring the ends slightly to give some bounce. I started chopping in my reds, blues and golds to match the game board, as well as adding some dimensional trickery.

Here’s the final Letter By Letter logo. I absolutely loved doing this and I hope it’s been fun to see the process. I can’t wait to do more. And remember, creating logos should never be about plucking crappy free fonts from the internets. Grab your favorite number 2 pencil and hit the drawing table. You’ll be glad you did.

One more thing, if you think you’ve got what it takes, and yes, this is a challenge, get your brain muscles all flexed and take us on in a Letter By Letter game. Some of our usernames are listed below. We promise to take it easy on you… sort of. Thanks everybody! -Chris.